How do I change my shipping address after placing an order?


Soon after you have submitted your EHPLabs order, our hard working warehouse team are already picking and packing your items. Once the order is in the warehouse system, we're usually unable to make changes to your shipping address.

 - If your order has not yet shipped, contact Team EHP at to see if we can cancel your order, refund your payment, and help you place a new order with the correct shipping address.

- If your order has already shipped or if it's progressed to far through the warehouse system we're unable to change anything.


If we're unable to process a reroute or cancel your order, most orders delivered to the wrong location are returned.
The return shipping process can take a while, especially for our international customers.
Once we have confirmation that your order has been returned you will be given the option to have the order reshipped to your correct address, however please note you’ll be charged a shipping fee for the new order.
If you decide you don't want the order reshipped, we can issue a refund for the cost of the products, but unfortunately cannot refund the shipping fees.

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