How long does delivery take?


EHPLabs Delivery Times


Following are average delivery times provided by our shipping partners Speed Commerce You can track your delivery time anytime by clicking on the tracking link of your order email. 


United States                                                      4 - 7 working days

Asia                                                                 10 - 14 working days

Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific        10 - 14 working days

Canada                                                              5 - 10 working days

Central and South America                              7 - 10 working days

Europe (excluding UK)                                   10 - 14 working days

Middle East and Africa                                    12 - 20 working days   

United Kingdom                                                7 - 10 working days


Please note these delivery times are indicative only and can vary depending upon your location and delays with public holidays.

If you do need any further help with locating your order, please email our support team at





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    Sara Geigel

    I cannot track my oxyshred, how can I track it. I don't have any emails either and the oxyshred was purchased.

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    Rogelio Ram?rez

    I could not know how to track my order