What is the difference between Beyond BCAAs and Protein?

OxyWhey Lean Protein is comprised of the full 20 amino acids bonded together to form complete protein chains.  These 20 amino acids are divided into essential amino acids, which you must consume in your diet because your body cannot synthesize them, and non-essential amino acids, which your body can synthesize from other nutrients. The 3 branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) - iso-leucine, leucine and valine, are all essential amino acids.  
One serving of OxyWhey Lean Protein provides 5.3 grams of BCAAs, in addition to all the other amino acids required for growth and repair, delivering a total of 24 grams of protein.   However, your body needs to process and break down the protein molecules to access the BCAAs (and other amino acids).  

Beyond BCAA directly provides your body with leucine, iso-leucine and valine in the clinically proven ratio of 2:1:1.  Beyond BCAA also includes Alpha HICA, citrulline malate and glutamine, which enhances nutrient delivery through the body, reduces muscle soreness and improves recovery time.

OxyWhey Lean Protein and Beyond BCAA are the ideal combination of fitness supplements for muscle growth and repair, recovery, reduction of soreness and muscle tissue breakdown.


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