How is OxyWhey Lean Protein different to IsoPept Zero?

OxyWhey Lean Protein is a weight management protein that can also be used as a lifestyle protein to replace meals, while IsoPept Zero is your ultimate post-workout protein!

The major difference between OxyWhey Lean protein and IsoPept Zero is the rate at which it is absorbed and utilized by your body.

OxyWhey is a premium blend comprising of Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate and Micellar Casein, meaning it has a 3-tier absorption system so improves satiety and makes you feel fuller for longer, making it extremely effective for weight loss.

OxyWhey also contains many other ingredients to maximize it’s effectiveness as a fat burner protein such as metabolism boosters, MCT oils, digestive enzymes, and mood enhancers.

IsoPept Zero is partially pre-digested so it is rapidly absorbed by your body for maximum protein per serving, quicker recovery and maximal stimulus for muscle growth.

IsoPept Zero doesn’t need digestive enzymes due to the extremely thorough filtration and hydrolysis process, leaving almost zero lactose detectable - which means ease of digestion!

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